Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vinyasa and Lou Ferrigno

Yesterday I was feeling a little sick of running, feeling a little more adventurous: "why not try a yoga class?" So I went with my roommate Lindsay, thinking ok this won't be too bad, but I've only done it once. Keep in mind that was back in college and I giggled the whole time because I was looking at the row of football players in the front trying to do the moves wondering "did coach make them do this or is it a dare?" So I don't think that really counts. Well, get to class, roll my cute mat down and of course the instructor asks if this is anyone's first time. I quietly raise my hand and receive the oh so encouraging response: "really? This is your first time? You mean you've never, ever done yoga before? Wow." I keep shaking my head as everyone in the class stares at me in utter disbelief. The encouragement continues with "well, you probably won't be able to do all the moves, so you can sit some of these out and watch the others." The little voice of positivity (or pride) in my head is going "but what if I'm a natural?" There were definitely some hard moves for the skeptics out there. Let's just say doing a backbend took me back to elementary school tumbling classes, except my teacher didn't make me hold it for 3 minutes and do it repeatedly. Then there was a fun move where you throw your legs back behind you to go into a headstand-- but not with too much force, because we are to be graceful and full of strength and with our hearts open. Yeah, somehow didn't get that first try, so my teacher came over and asked me if I wanted to attempt it. I respond stubbornly "of course I want to try, I just don't know how to do it." So then she grabs my legs and throws them back to where now my body is balancing on my head and my forearms. Awesome. That didn't hurt at all. I'm pretty sure every muscle in my body was shaking but I was determined to show off to the teach that I had raw talent. I don't think she was that impressed as I rocked back and forth struggling not to fall over, and now I have muscles aching in places I didn't know could. I definitely learned "downward facing dog" and my favorite phrase: "now, just open your heart. Yes, that's it." I'll probably go back, but not going to start holding crystals or listening to Yanni anytime soon. Let's fast forward now to this morning when I went for a jog on the Hudson. I wore my green tee from CSU Southeast Bowling Tourney and I did infact heed the warning to wash it before wearing. However, I do not have a machine, so I hand washed it. Have learned a life lesson that this is not the same thing. When I took it off, I looked like the incredible hulk. I had to take 3 showers to get the green off. Maybe exercising tomorrow isn't in the cards.


  1. You were a natural roomie! Very impressed by your "DownDog" ;)

  2. just wait you'll know the sanskrit names of all the positions in NO time! seriously though yoga is tough but so. dang. good. I haven't been in weeks and now I am regretting it! love you friend- you're a rock star!

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